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Spring Training Success, Presentations!

The March 7 Spring Training meeting was a rousing success!!


There's been an update to the Spring Training Agenda, specifically to the Time Trials/Track Events sequence -- the updated agenda is attached, including a Page 2 detail of those session details.

Spring Training Session Detail!

Spring Training Conference -- session details! Learn more about what's happening and why you don't want to miss this year's Great Lakes Division Spring Training on Saturday, March 7 in Fort Wayne!

Spring Training Latest Schedule with MSR session, Lunch menu

MSR Motorsports Registration) has added a session to help you know more about how to use their online event coordination and registration system!

Full Spring Training Agenda Update -- Register now!

The March 7 Spring Training agenda has content for every specialty and interest. Here's the most-current update, chock-full of information.

TimeTrials-Track Events Schedule Details @Spring Training!

The Time Trials-Track Events sessions to be hosted at Spring Training, Saturday, March 7, have been detailed -- check out the attached PDF!

Updated Solo Track Spring Training Agenda

The Solo Track for Spring Training has been added – here’s the updated Schedule for Saturday, March 7, at the Ramada Plaza, Fort Wayne, IN.

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