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Herbst Takes Wilmington ProSolo Super Challenge Title

June 2, 2015 - 8:00pm
WILMINGTON, Ohio (June 3, 2015) – Kyle Herbst, of Broadview Heights, Ohio, was the Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Super Challenge winner at this past weekend’s meet that took place at the Wilmington AirPark. Kim Whitener, of Fort Worth, Texas, was the Ladies Challenge bracket champion at the event’s conclusion. This was the first of two ProSolo events to take place at the Wilmington airport this year. Weather conditions were a constant concern throughout this edition of the event as scatters showers fell on the event site, and surrounding area. While showers did fall, at least every class managed to get at least one set of dry runs at the Cincinnati Region-hosted event. Following class competition on throughout Saturday and Sunday morning, Herbst (Super Touring Xtreme, Active Autowerke/Diffsonline BMW 128i) has qualified as the No. 7 seed in the bracket competition. That equaled an opening-round matchup with Jon Caserta (Street Touring Roadster, Honda S2000). Herbst proved why he was the higher seed, beating Caserta. The opening-round win by Herbst moved him to a second-round meeting with Evan Schickel (B Street, Hamfist Racing Chevrolet Corvette). Herbst pulled off the victory, which allowed him to advance to the quarter-finals. There, Herbst was paired up against Aaron Shoe (Bump Class 3, Tune Performance Mitsubishi Evo MR). Herbst bested Shoe, which pushed him forward to the semi-finals. In the Semis, Herbst meet, and took out, Brian Karwan (Street Touring Roadster, Karcepts/JRZ Suspension Honda S2000). That win earned him a spot in the finals versus John Laughlin (F Street, Bridgestone/Strano Parts BMW M3). Laughlin earned his way to the bracket finals by beating David White (Bump Class 3, g-Fab Nissan 240sx) in the opening round. Laughlin then beat David Wampler (Street Touring Ultra, IAG Performance/OSGiken Subaru STi) and Martin Kriz (Street Touring Ultra, IAG Performance/ OSGiken/MCS Subaru WRX STi) in the second and quarter-final rounds, respectively. As his last step to the bracket final, Laughlin took down John Brown (Street Touring Sport, Mazda Mazda Miata). When all was said and done, Herbst ended the day as the Super Challenge winner. Completing the podium was Brown who won the third-place runoff. “After the Super Challenge win I really couldn't believe the events that had just occurred,” Herbst said. “I went into the weekend hoping for the chance at just a class trophy and walked away winning the Super Challenge. Just having everyone come up to me afterwards with congratulations was the best feeling ever. Being so new to National events, only my second year participating, and turning in a result like this is pretty incredible. “The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was trying to block out my driving from the first round of the Super Challenge. I won purely based off a 0.499 red light by Caserta. I thought I was done, not knowing Caserta had a red light, then coming back around I saw the next match up roll up to the start. Going through the finish I thought I just blew my chance at any shot to advance, then in a blink of an eye I was onto the next round. After the finishing five-tenths down to Schickel in the second round, and then narrowly wining by a couple hundredths, I started to believe I actually had a chance.” In the Ladies Challenge, Whitener (Ladies Class 3, Black Armor Helmets/Texas Track Works Honda Civic) started her march to the final round from the No. 1 seed. In the first round, Whitener beat Holly Schwedler (Ladies Class 3, Don! Scion FR-S) to the finish line. In the second round, Whitener took down Laura Campbell (Ladies Class 2, Subaru WRX). That win earned her a place in the final meeting with Kandy Johnson (Ladies Class 2, Evolution/BFGoodrich Tires/MCS Chevrolet Corvette). Johnson earned a spot in the final by beating Rachel Baker (Ladies Class 1, Thanks PJ/G-Fab/PPR Nissan 240sx) and Chris Peterson (Ladies Class 2, Atomic Empire Toyota Spyder). In the final Whitener was on her game, as she beat Johnson. Peterson took the final podium position after beating Campbell in the third-place runoff. After finishing fifth in class competition, David Potocki (C Street, Scion FR-S) was the winner of the Bonus Challenge. “It was cool to get a chance to participate in the challenge format and move through the different rounds despite not making it to the Super Challenge,” Potocki said. “I developed an inability to find third gear during the Bonus Challenge after no issues all weekend. Shifting from second to first, unexpectedly, was a bit exciting.” Additional information on the Tire Rack SCCA Lincoln ProSolo, including full results, can be found here. Facts on the entire Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Program can be found by visiting Like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Sparks Clinches Tire Rack ProSolo Super Challenge Win at Lincoln

May 26, 2015 - 8:00pm
LINCOLN, Neb. (May 27, 2015) – Dennis Sparks, of Birmingham, Alabama, captured the SCCA Tire Rack ProSolo Super Challenge win at the Lincoln Airpark, over the extended Memorial Day weekend, May 22-23. Shelly Monfort, of Saratoga, California, took home top honors in the Ladies Challenge at the ProSolo event that led off a weekend featuring two national-level Solo events at the home of the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships and the ProSolo Finale. Weather conditions during the two-day event, held on Friday and Saturday, were predominantly cool throughout each day. Both mornings started with moisture on the ground. But by the afternoon, the course was dry allowing drivers to take advantage of the horsepower-producing air conditions. Following his class-based runs, which determined the seeding for the bracket style Super Challenge competition, Sparks was seeded 19th after claiming the runner-up position in the Bump Class 1 by 0.008-second. In the opening round, Sparks (Bump Class 1, Dixie Audacity Subaru WRX) met and defeated Ricky Crow (Street Touring R, My Wallet S2000). That allowed him to move to a second round match with Neal Tovsen. Sparks beat Tovsen (Bump Class 4, Apruve/SoloPro/Vision Speedworks Mazda Miata), which moved Sparks to a pairing with Paul Brown (E Street, Toyota) in the quarter-finals. Sparks was able to down Brown, moving him forward in the competition. In the Semis, Sparks took on Sam Strano (Super Street R, Chevrolet Corvette). He was able to get the best of Strano, allowing him to reach the bracket final where Sparks was matched up against Craig Wilcox (Street Touring Xtreme, MC2/BFGoodrich Tires/OSGiken/HVT Mini Cooper). Wilcox earned his way to the final by knocking off Stan Whitney (Bump Class 4, Fliegenschwein Racing Porsche Cayman) in the opening round. Wilcox them moved forward to a battle with Brian Peters (E Street Prepared, ProPartsUSA Ford Mustang), from which he was able to emerge with the victory. In the quarter-finals, Wilcox was paired to take on Mark Hill (Street Touring Ultra, Jayhawk Racing Mitsubishi Evo IX). Wilcox scored the win in that match, moving him on to a semi-final meeting with Robert Pendergest (Street Touring Ultra, Grimmspeed/Racecomp Engineering Subaru STi). Wilcox won that battle, which allowed him to move to the Super Challenge final. In the final pairing, Sparks took down Wilcox. In the third-place runoff, Pendergest completed the podium positions after beating Strano. “I’m totally surprised to have won,” Sparks said. “I'm usually lucky to qualify for the Super Challenge. I never dreamed of winning one. “My biggest challenge was just maintaining concentration. I was up against some excellent competition with Charles Kim and Ron Williams during the qualifying rounds. I then faced Ricky Crow, Neal Tovsen, Paul Brown, Sam Strano, and Craig Wilcox during the Challenge. None of those guys made any mistakes, and neither could I. In the end, I had the right car for the conditions and came out on top.” In the Ladies Challenge bracket, Monfort (Ladies Class 1, Strano Performance Parts/Shameless Iced Tea Chevrolet Corvette) qualified for the bracket competition as the No. 2 seed. That pitted her against Jamie Yost (Ladies Class 3, Honda Civic Si) in the opening round. Monfort earned the victory in her opening round battle, which allowed her to move forward to the bracket quarter-finals. There, she met Meredith Brown (Ladies Class 2, Toyota of Santa Fe Toyota Spyder) and was able to come out on top with the win. The next opponent for Monfort to face was Jocelin Huang (Ladies Class 2, Porsche GT3) in the semis. Monfort was able to win the meeting with Huang, which moved her to the bracket final against Su Brude (Ladies Class 1, Fliegenschwein Racing Porsche Cayman). Brude made her way to the final by beating Becca Nell (Ladies Class 2, Racing Nissan 350Z) in the opening round. Brude then went to take wins over Jordan Towns (Ladies Class 2, Dixie Audacity Subaru WRX) and Kim Whitener (Ladies Class 3, Black Armor Helmets/Texas Track Works Honda Civic), which advanced her to the final versus Monfort. In the final, Monfort was able to get the best of Brude. Huang completed the top-three by winning the third-place runoff against Whitener. Jeremy Salenius (Street Touring FWD, Dare 2 Dream Motorsports/HVT Suspension Mini Cooper), of Bonner Springs, Kansas, took home the Bonus Challenge title. “To be able to win my first Challenge, of any sort, in front of the many friends who made the trip to Lincoln from our Region makes this win very sweet,” Salenius said. “The praise, the ‘Well done’ and ‘Great job’ handshakes and high-fives all put a giant smile on my face. “I had to work Thursday night, and got off work at about 1:00 a.m. I went home and started to get the last few things packed up in the car, and had planned to leave my house about 3:00 a.m. I finished packing at about 1:30 a.m., and decided to sleep for an hour. I somehow managed to sleep through my alarm and woke up late. I ended up with just enough time to throw everything in the car and make it to the event just before registration and tech closed. It was a very stressful start to a great weekend!” Additional information on the Tire Rack SCCA Lincoln ProSolo, including full results, can be found here. Facts on the entire Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Program can be found by visiting Like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Tire Rack Spring Nationals at Lincoln Complete

May 25, 2015 - 8:00pm
LINCOLN, Neb. (May 26, 2015) – The fifth of nine events on the 2015 SCCA Tire Rack National Championship Tour calendar, the Tire Rack Lincoln Spring Nationals Championship Tour, was held at the Lincoln (Neb.) Airpark this past weekend. The two-day event, May 24-25, was held on the same site that will host the Tire Rack Solo National Championships, later in the year. For several reasons, this is one of the most popular SCCA Tire Rack Championship Tour events. Chief among those reasons is many competitors use this as a measuring stick to prepare for the National Championships later in the year. A total of 292 drivers did battle across 52 classes on the expansive concrete surface in Lincoln. The competition utilized the same competition format as the National Championships which allows each driver to take a total of six runs throughout the weekend. With the expansive real estate at the Lincoln Airpark, organizers were able to construct two completely separate courses much like what is done at the National Championship. Competitors were given three runs on the west course on Sunday, which was Lee Piccon’s 2014 Nationals course run in reverse. On Monday, the field transferred over to run the East Course designed by John Hunter. Weather conditions were of paramount concern for each on Sunday. Wet conditions were present throughout the day, forcing drivers to slow down and take some different driving lines. The changing conditions throughout the day put a premium on being able to be flexible and make the best out of each run. Monday was a different story, although not less tricky. The proceedings started under overcast skies with one heat run during light sprinkles. But, sunny skies were present by the end of the day. H Street featured a battle that came down to the wire between winner Greg Reno (MiniUSA/Baron Mini-BMW Mini Cooper), of Lawrence, Kansas, and Trevor Jones. Heading into the overnight break, Reno held the advantage by 0.009-second. On Monday, he came out of the box on fire by setting the fastest timed run by anyone in the class on his first lap. That would be the decider, which allowed him to take the win by 0.096-second. Street Touring Ultra saw another close battle that included a Lawrence, Kansas resident. This time, however, it was Robert Pendergest (Grimmspeed/Racecomp Engineering Subaru STi), of Wichita, Kansas, that beat out Lawrencian Mark Hill. Pendergest had the advantage following the first day of competition, after opening the meet with his fastest lap. He then logged the best time of the class on Monday, resulting in a 0.180-second margin of victory. Bob Bundy (949 Racing/MAZDASPEED Mazda Miata), of Anacortes, Washington, took home a narrow victory in Super Street Modified. Bundy progressively worked his way down to setting the fastest lap of the day in the class. On Monday Bundy did not capture the best time, but had built enough of a gap to take the win over Randall Wilcox by 0.178-second. The battle for supremacy in Street Touring R was won by Ricky Crow (My Wallet Honda S2000), of Bulverde, Texas, but it was not looking like that would be the result following the first day of competition. David Whitener finished the first day as the top driver in the class, with a 1.3-second lead over Crow. On Monday, Crow came roaring out of the box by setting the fastest time posted in the class on his first run. It proved to be enough to change the tide of the competition resulting in a 0.321-second win for Crow. Tom Harrington ( Honda CRG), Austin, Texas, drove to victory after bouncing back from a slow lap on day one to take the Kart Modified class win. On Sunday night, Harrington was at a 0.5-second deficit to Ryan Windfeldt. However, on Monday, Harrington bounced back with a blistering lap that cleared Whindfeldt’s time by 0.9-second that resulted in a 0.465-second margin of victory. In Street Touring FWD, Jeremy Salenius (Dare 2 Dream Motorsports Mini Cooper), of Bonner Springs, Kansas, went into the Sunday night break with the clear lead in the class. On Monday, he set the fast time in the class, but had built enough of a lead to ensure his win in the class by 0.499-second over Kim Whitener. Additional information on the Lincoln Tire Rack Championship Tour, including full results, can be found at The next stop for the Championship Tour is scheduled for June 13-14 at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, Colorado. Additional information on the SCCA Tire Rack National Solo program can be found by visiting Be sure to like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Daddio Secures Long-Awaited Tire Rack ProSolo Super Challenge Win

May 11, 2015 - 8:00pm
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (May 12, 2015) – Mark Daddio, of Beacon Falls, Connecticut, was the Super Challenge winner, following a long drought, at last weekend’s Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo meet, held at the MetLife Stadium complex. Stephanie Reeve, of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, took home the victory in the Ladies Challenge bracket. The event took place in the shadow of the stadium that plays home to the National Football League’s New York Giants and Jets franchises. The weather conditions themselves gloomy as high temperatures ranged from the low 70s to the low 80s cloudy skies. The sun finally broke through the cloud cover as the three Challenge winners were crowned on Sunday. The course, itself, was designed by Mark Labbancz and was challenging for many of the drivers. Aside from the technical challenge of the course, there was also a straight that featured a wonderful view of the New York City skiyline from which was hard to look away. Daddio, in his Daddio’s New Auto Parts, Inc. Chevrolet Corvette, qualified for the Super Challenge in the 22nd position after narrowly winning the A Street class over Mike Johnson. The battle proved to be one of the best during the class-based portion of the competition as the winner was decided by only 0.019-second through eight runs. In the Super Challenge, Daddio defeated No. 16 seed Bill Rogerson (A Street Prepared, Subaru STI) in his first-round matchup. That win allowed Daddio to move forward to the second round. There, Daddio met and downed Dick Rasmussen (F Street, 50 Years of Employment Ford Mustang). Following the win, Daddio moved on to a quarter-final meeting with Grant Reeve. Daddio proved too much for Reeve (Super Street R, Racing Chevrolet Corvette) and took the win to move him onto the penultimate round of the competition. In the semi-finals Daddio defeated G.J. Dixon (Street Touring Roadster, Monticello Motor Club/Grand Prix New York Honda S2000) earning Daddio the right to move to the final meeting with Evan Schickel. Schickel (B Street, HAMFIST Racing Chevrolet Corvette) started his march to the final round with wins over Ron Bistrais (E Street Prepeard, Evolution/ Ford Shelby) and Todd Kean (Street Modified, G-Fab/ Nissan 240 SX) in the first two rounds, respectively. In the quarter-finals, Schickel took out Martin Kriz (Street Touring Ultra, IAG Performance/OS Giken/MCS/Evolution Subaru WRX), then got to the finals by beating Erik Carlson (E Street Prepared, Ford Mustang). When the dust from the final runs came to rest, Daddio was the final competitor standing. Dixon completed the top three positions after beating Carlson in the third-place runoff. “I was beginning to think that I would never win another Challenge, so I was as shocked as I was excited with the win,” Daddio said. “It has been a really long time since my last one, and Super Challenge wins are really tough to come by. Not only do you have to be consistent, but you always seem to have to have a little bit of luck on your side. Luck was definitely on my side for this one. “The biggest hurdle for me was from being a bit rusty. This is only my second event of the year, and was a crash course in figuring out the car setup with the new tires. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season. I plan on running two more ProSolo events, a National Tour, the ProSolo Finale, and Nationals. I am just planning on taking one event at a time, and seeing what happens.” In the Ladies Bracket, Reeve (Ladies Class 1, Racing Chevrolet Corvette) started the bracket portion of the meet as the three seed. She defeated Tamara Hunt (Ladies Class 2, Honda S2000) in the opening round. The win moved her forward in the competition, where she was paired with Elisabeth Flannagan (Ladies Class 2, Honda Civic Si). Reeve downed Flannagan, and moved to a final-round meeting with Kandy Johnson. Johnson (Ladies Class 2, Evolution/BFGoodrich Tires/MCS Chevrolet Corvette) was the top qualifier in the bracket and matched up with Dawn Ammirata in the opening round. The win moved her to the semi-finals, where she met Rachel Baker (Ladies Class 1, Thanks PJ/G-Fab PPR Nissan 240 SX). Johnson won the matchup with Baker, allowing her to move forward in the bracket. In the final round, Reeve ended up as the driver on top after besting Johnson. Baker completed the podium positions after beating Flannagan in the third-place runoff. “I couldn't believe that I won and smiled so much that my face hurt,” Reeve said. “Once the high wore off I started wondering how I actually pulled it off. Luck…lots of luck. “Self-doubt is one of my biggest hurdles. I get to run with some of the quickest and most talented women around. I trust Horse, my Corvette Z06, completely, but often don’t trust myself to carry that extra speed into a turn or figure I’ll blow it somewhere. I tried to push myself to focus on what was in front of me, to forget about the mistake I just made, and to give it my best. My husband Grant and my G-Fab family help me remember to have fun and enjoy myself. It feels strange to be the Reeve who brought home the most tires this time. I don’t know if this will ever happen again, but I will continue to enjoy running with my friends.” Michael Buck (F Street, Lexus IS300), of North East, Maryland, was the winner of the Bonus Challenge as he defeated Nathan Young (B Street, Honda S2000) in the final. “I am shocked more than anything,” Buck said. “The whole challenge happened so fast. It was the biggest moment of my autocross career and I got to share it with lots of folks. My wife and sister-in-law were at the event as co-drivers in L2, along with many drivers from our Region. My two-year-old daughter and wife's parents came on Sunday afternoon, just in time. It was a really proud moment for me. “I didn't drive very well all weekend until the Challenge. I red-lit five consecutive runs on Saturday and was well behind my co-drivers on the right course. I knew that if I could stay clean in the Challenge that I had ‘time’ in hand that could work to my advantage. Somehow I held it together for all three rounds and went faster and faster while staying clean.” Additional information on the Tire Rack SCCA New Jersey ProSolo, including full results, can be found here. Facts on the entire Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Program can be found by visiting Like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Madarash Takes Tire Rack ProSolo Super Challenge Win at Blytheville

May 5, 2015 - 8:00pm
Blytheville, Ark. (May 6, 2015) – Mark Madarash, of Red Oak, Texas, was the winner of the Tire Rack ProSolo Super Challenge, held at the Arkansas Aeroplex, this past weekend. Kim Whitener, of Fort Worth, Texas, was the big winner in the Ladies Challenge Bracket. The course, designed by Grady Wood and J. Jackson, had a flowing feel to it, but was bookended by technical and tight slaloms. The clear weather conditions furthered the enjoyment of many competitors that were on hand. All ProSolo events utilize class-based competition on Saturday and Sunday to set the initial seeding for the head-to-head bracket competition. The bracket portion of the meet uses a drag racing-style Christmas tree to start the competitors according to their dial-in set during the class-based part of the event. A perfect run for both competitors, even if they are in different classes, would result in each car crossing the finish line at the same time. Madarash completed the class-based part of the competition as the No. 7 seed, overall. His seeding came as a result of his 0.553-second margin of victory over Darrin DiSimo in the Race Tire Index 2 class. As a result of his seeding, Madarash (R2, Pontiac Trans-Am) met Marc Osgood (Super Street Modified, Lotus Elise). Madarash was able to take the win that allowed him to move forward in the bracket-style competition. In the second round, Madarash met, and defeated, Dennis Sparks (Bump Class 1, Lotus Elise). That win allowed Madarash the opportunity to move to the quarter-final round where he met David Whitener. Madarash was able to move to the semi-finals after downing Whitener in their head-to-head battle. Brad McCann (G Street, Korean Camaro Racing Hyundai Genesis) was the next challenge for Madarash. However, Madarash found what it took to best McCann. The win moved him to the final round of competition, against Ricky Crow. Crow’s ascension to the final started as the top qualifier of the meet. Crow (Street Touring Roadster, My Wallet Honda S2000) defeated Daniel McCelvey (B Street Prepared, Chevrolet Corvette) in the opening round. In round two, Crow delivered the knockout blow to John Mensch (Street Touring Sport, Frugal Racing Enterprizes Honda CRX Si), taking him out of the competition. In the quarter-final round, Crow beat Joe Tharpe (Bump Class 4, R and S Racing/Loctite Chevrolet Corvette), which allowed him to move forward in the competition. The victory moved Crow to the semi-final round, where he met Chris Harvey (C Street, Tire Rack Mazda MX-5). Crow was the winner of that match, which pitted him against Madarash in the final. When it came time for Crow to face Madarash, Madarash emerged as the winner once the times were computed. While Madarash is a multi-time National Champion, this is only his second Challenge win. His other win came at this same site, one year ago. In the third-place runoff, McCann completed the full complement of podium positions following his win over Harvey. In the Ladies Challenge bracket, Whitener (Ladies Class 3, Black Armor Helmets/Texas Track Works Honda Civic) was the top qualifier. In her first match, she met up with Jordan Towns (Ladies Class 2, Dixie Audacity Subaru WRX). After winning that round Whitener moved on to tangle with Chris Peterson for top honors. On the other side of the bracket, Peterson (Ladies Class 2, Atomic Empire Toyota Spyder) met Su Brude (Ladies Class 2, Fliegenschwein Racing Porsche Cayman S). Peterson was able to take the bracket win. That allowed her to move forward with a final between herself and Whitener. After the dust settled, Whitener was the winner in of the Ladies Challenge bracket. Towns completed to podium positions by beating Brude in the third-place runoff. David Ogburn, Jr. (C Street, Yaw Moment Racing Scion FR-S), of Richmond, Virginia, was the Bonus Challenge winner. For more information on the Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo event at Blytheville, including full results, click here. The next stop for the series will be at the South Parking Lot of MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, May 9-10. For additional information on the entire Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Program, visit Like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Opening Tire Rack Match Tour Event Goes off Without a Hitch

May 5, 2015 - 8:00pm
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (May 6, 2015) – Scott Giles, of Union, Kentucky, was the Super Shootout winner at this past weekend’s Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour event, held at the National Corvette Museum, May 2-3. Cody Mason, of La Grange, Kentucky, was the winner of the Club Shootout. For each Tire Rack Match Tour event, Saturday is a full day of class-based competition. Sunday morning’s three runs then set the field for the Super Shootout brackets. From each heat, the top eight indexed times are places into a Super Shootout bracket. The next eight qualifiers are placed in the Club Shootout, while the remaining competitors are eligible for the Bonus Shootout. In both the Super and Club Shootouts, the bracket competition whittles the field down to one driver from each heat. In the final round of both the Super and Club Shootouts, each driver takes one run to determine the bracket winner. The winner is the driver that is closest to their dial-in time. The course for this event, held on the grounds of the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park, featured an autocross pad that was constructed with racetrack-grade asphalt. The coned circuit featured an excellent mix of sweeping turns and technical slaloms. Giles (F Street Prepared, Honda CRX) was the top qualifier from Heat Two. In his opening match up, he met up with Gordon Maciulewicz (Street Touring Xtreme, Active Autowerke/Diffsonline BMW 128i). After defeating Maciulewicz, Giles faced, and beat, Ryan Finch (E Street Prepared, Gearhead Homes Chevrolet Camaro Z28). In his final head-to-head matchup of the bracket, Giles went up against Nick Myers (F Street Prepared, Toyota Corolla GTS). Giles emerged as the winner, earning him the right to represent the heat in the final round. In the final, Giles was up against Heat One finalist Scott Dobler (C Street, Z1 Motorsports Nissan 350Z) and Heat Three winner Shelly Monfort (Super Street R, Iced Tea Chevrolet Corvette). When the final tallies were made, Giles emerged as the winner. “It feels great to take a victory of any kind over the level of talent at this event,” Giles said. “The FSP class win was hard enough, but the shootout was even harder. “This was our first big event of the year and it gets us off to a great start. Thanks to the Hoosier contingency it also gets us a pair of new tires for the Wilmington Pro Solo.” In the Club Shootout, Mason (C Street Prepared, Mazda Miata) also started Sunday’s bracket completion as the top qualified driver of Heat Two. Mason’s first battle came against Jason West (F Street Prepared, Toyota Corolla GTS). Mason proved to have what it took to beat West, and moved to the second round of competition where he was paired with Stephen Lee (Street Touring R, Honda S2000). After beating Lee, Mason moved on to the Heat Two final against Tim Viars (Street Touring R, Mazda Miata). Mason emerged from that Match as the winner. In the Club Shootout Final, Mason met Heat One winner Chris Harp (C Street, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/MAZDASPEED Mazda RX-8) and Heat Three finalist Bryan Schafer (Super Street R, Dave Kutney Tire/RAFT Chevrolet Corvette). Mason ended his day as the closest of the three to his dial-in time which earned him the overall Club Shootout title. Cody Willett (H Street, Ford Fiesta ST), of Louisville, Kentucky, began his march to the Bonus Shootout title with a win against Killian Jones (Street Modified, Subaru BRZ) in the opening round. Willett then downed Chris Bolt (E Street Prepared, Chevrolet Camaro) in the semi-finals. In the Bonus Shootout final, Willett met with Daniel Stone (B Modified, LeGrand Mk18). Willett walked away with the victory, once everything was settled. “The win was great and totally unexpected,” Willett said. “I was lucky to get in, and twice as lucky to advance. When I pulled into grid for the Bonus Shootout and saw some of my fellow Kentucky Region drivers, Ray Dsouza and Shawn Lambert, I knew from experience they were far more consistent and didn't think I stood a chance. So, I just went for broke and it paid off. “When I came through the lights on my second pass in the Bonus Shootout, the temperature gauge wasn't looking happy. The car was trying its best to live up to the name of its Molten Orange paint job, and I didn't have much time to get it cooled down for the next round. Fortunately, a few guys from my region, Stephen Lee, Jamey McDaniel and my fellow Bonus Shootout competitor, Ray Dsouza, all stepped up to fan the hood and spray down the heat exchangers while I sat in the car with the heat cranked and tried to concentrate on making my next run. I couldn't have made it happen without them.” For more information on the Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour from Kentucky, including full results, click here. Facts on the Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Program can be found at Be sure to Like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Coulson Claims Tire Rack ProSolo Super Challenge at Crows

April 27, 2015 - 8:00pm
CROWS LANDING, Calif. (April 28, 2015) – The SCCA Tire Rack ProSolo tour completed it second stop of the 2015 campaign this past weekend at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Crows Landing Airport, April 25-26. Brian Coulson, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, took the Super Challenge win, while Christine Grice, of Redondo Beach, Calif., was the last driver standing in the Ladies Challenge bracket. The two, nearly-symmetrical courses took advantage of the high-grip surface at the former military air installation. The courses were fast and flowed well, causing many to comment that these were the fastest and most fun ProSolo courses on which they had ever competed. For the most part, the weather cooperated as the rain forecasted for Saturday arrived early. Rain fell on Friday and persisted on-and-off throughout the evening hours. Almost every run on Saturday was in the dry, however extreme wind would prove to play havoc on all cars that had aerodynamic aides. The two-day event began with class-based competition on Saturday and Sunday morning. Those runs also served to set the seeding for Sunday’s Challenge brackets. Coulson (B Street, Spec Racing Chevrolet Corvette) began the bracket portion of the competition as the ninth overall seed. In his opening matchup, he dispatched with Mike Nakata (C Street, OS Giken/Fenstermacher Time Shares Scion FRS). The win allowed him to move to the round of 32, where he met Steve O’Blenes (B Street Prepared, Roccos Pizza/ Mazda Miata). Coulson took out O’Blenes, moving him to the bracket quarter-finals. In the quarters, Coulson scored a victory over Adrian Cardenas (C Street, Mazda RX-8). He then went on to meet with Andy McKee (Race Tire Index 2, Mike Maier, Inc./Ankeny Racing Engines Mazda RX-7) in the semi-finals. A win over McKee gave Coulson a spot in the bracket final against Michael Heinitz. The road to the final for Heinitz began as the second overall seed, meaning he was matched up against Jensen Tang (F Street Prepared, Toyota Corolla). Heinitz won that battle, pushing him forward in the competition. In the second round, Heinitz met Mark Scroggs (Bump Class 2, Tires Ford Focus ST). Heinitz emerged with the win, and moved on to match up with Max Hayter (Bump Class 2, Subaru WRX). Heinitz was the winner of the quarter-final fight with Hayter and moved on to the semi-finals. Heinitz beat Ryan Otis (A Street, Chevrolet Corvette) in the penultimate round to earn a spot in the final against Coulson. When the dust settled, Coulson emerged as the Super Challenge winner. McKee completed the podium positions after beating Otis in the third-place runoff. “I ran my first Pro Solo in 2002,” Coulson said. “I've seen lots of different Super Challenge winners over the years, but the best I had ever done was to make the final eight a couple times. I can appreciate just how rare and special this is. “I have a tough class with lots of talent. The hardest part this weekend was to come out on top in that class to qualify for the Super Challenge. It required my best driving, and even then some luck. In the Super Challenge it was difficult to not get excited when it started going stay focused on executing and staying clean.” In the Ladies Challenge, Grice (Ladies Class 1, Berry Family Racing/ChaseCam Mitsubishi Evo IX) started her run to the finals as the top seed in the bracket. Her opening-round matchup was against Jami Olerich (Ladies Class 2, Chevrolet Corvette). Grice was able to take the first-round win, moving onto the semi-finals where she met Jocelin Huang (Ladies Class 2, The Alignment Guy Porsche GT3). Grice won that matchup, moving her forward to the bracket final with Pamela Kannan (Ladies Class 2, Auburn Tire Service Ford Fiesta). To get to the finals, Kannan beat A. Tasha Mikko (Ladies Class 3, MAPerformance/English Racing Mitsubishi Evo IX) and Michelle Miller (Ladies Class 3, TCKline Racing/DirtFish Rally School Mini Cooper). In the final, Grice proved too much for Kannan and took the bracket title. Huang finished the competition on in third after beating Miller in the third-place runoff. “I have been lucky enough to compete in a bunch of Challenges, and win several over the years,” Grice said. “At the start of every Challenge I still get butterflies in my stomach. It's all about having a little skill and a lot of luck. “The transmission in my car decided to spit out chunks on the second side of the final round of the El Toro ProSolo Ladies Challenge. So, we spent the whole Crows Landing Pro worrying about the ‘new to us’ transmission in the car. Luckily it survived and didn't smell too much like left over burning gear oil.” Micah McElravy (Bump Class 4, Startled Armadillo Productions Mazda Miata), of La Honda, California, took home the win the Bonus Challenge bracket. “The biggest challenge for me this weekend was trying to find time,” McElravy said. “I got a low 32 with a cone on the right side course on Saturday morning, so I figured I'd be able to find a 31 on both sides in the afternoon when the sun was out and the course was clean. When I didn't improve my scratch times Saturday afternoon, I figured Sunday morning would bring results but it was more of the same. “I was still mid pack in the bump group with a really under prepped CSP car, so that was pretty cool, but it was frustrating to be so consistent and not improve.” The next stop for the SCCA Tire Rack ProSolo will be in Blytheville, May 2-3. This event is the rescheduled date from the cancelled season-opener. For additional information on the Crows Landings ProSolo event, including full results, click here. More information on the SCCA Tire Rack National Solo program can be found at For the latest information, Like SCCA on Facebook at and follow the Club on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Tire Rack Champ Tour Wraps at Crows Landing

April 20, 2015 - 8:00pm
CROWS LANDING, Calif. (April 21, 2015) – The SCCA Tire Rack National Tour meet at Crows Landing, held April 18-19, was the fourth of nine events on the road to the Tire Rack Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska. Utilizing the same class-based competition as the National Champion-crowning event, the Crows Landing surface has a similar grip level, making it a natural choice for both a competitive weekend and a measuring stick for later in the year. Steve O’Blenes (B Street Prepared, Roccos Pizza/ Mazda Miata), of Garden Grove, California, set the best overall indexed time. He also scored the class win by 0.470-second over Anthony Porta. Pulling out the win by the narrowest margin was Jami Olerich (A Street Ladies, Chevrolet Corvette Z06), of Fairview, Oregon. Olerich held the class lead after day one, but Lacey Otis made her best attempt at a comeback to score the win. In the end, Otis fell 0.080-second short. In Street Touring Xtreme, Joseph Sim (Nameless Performance/Kartboy Scion FRS), of Gig Harbor, Washington, scored the win by 0.090-second when the dust settled on Sunday. After Saturday’s three runs he sat third in the standings, behind co-drivers Justin Tsang and Mack Tsang. However, he made his move on Sunday to clinch the win. Dallas Cutler (English Racing Mitsubishi Evolution), of Tigard, Oregon, was able to seal the class win in Street Modified on the strength of his Saturday runs. On his third run of the day, he logged a time in the 55-second rage. As the only car able to do that, he carried a 0.6-second lead into Sunday where he did what he needed to do in order to hold off Michael Yanase. John Tritsch (Subaru WRX), of Hillsboro, Oregon, left Crows Landing the winner in D Street. After finishing Saturday’s competition in second, about 0.2-second behind Justin Moore, Tritsch came back for the second day of the meet like a man possessed. On his last run, after taking out a cone on his previous lap, he ripped off a time of 57.212. That allowed Tritsch to take the lead, and also the class win. Street Touring Ultra came down to a battle between Jonathan Lugod (OS Giken/Bridgestone/LOT US Chevrolet Corvette), of Oceanside, California, and Jeff Stuart. Following Saturday’s runs, Lugod held a tenuous lead over Stuart. Coming back from the overnight break, Lugod was able to stay one step ahead of Stuart by lengthening his lead. The result was a 0.451-second win for Lugod. For more information, including full results, from the Tire Rack Championship Tour at Crows Landing, click here. The next stop for the series is Lincoln, Nebraska, for the Summer Nationals, slated for May 24-25. Additional facts regarding the Tire Rack SCCA National Solo program can be found at Remember to like the Club on Facebook, at, and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Peters wins Super Challenge at SCCA Tire Rack National Solo Event at El Toro

March 31, 2015 - 8:00pm
IRVINE, Calif. (April 1, 2015) – The SCCA Tire Rack ProSolo season made its official start this past weekend at El Toro, after an aborted event in Blytheville, Arkansas, caused by extreme winter weather. Brian Peters, of Litchfield Park, Arizona, took the Super Challenge win in what may be the final event at the site, as the area is set to undergo commercial development later this year. Shelly Monfort, of Saratoga, California, was the Ladies Challenge winner. An event attendance record was set as 235 entrants made their way to El Toro, which has become a favorite competition spot for Southern California autocrossers. The previous record was 234, set just two years ago. Cal Club Region played host to the event, which included a Friday night welcome party. The weather conditions were a non-issue, featuring clear, sunny skies throughout the event. Peters (E Street Prepared, ProParts USA Ford Mustang) began his march to the final round of bracket competition from the third overall seed. That seeding was a result of fast runs in the class-based portion on the meet, held Saturday and Sunday morning. In the first round, Peters defeated No. 30 seed Ryan Johnson (Super Street Prepared, Ryno Management Inc./Blackwatch Racing Lotus Elise). Peters’ next matchup was against Tom Harrington (Kart Modified, Honda CRG Road Rebel). Peters got the best of Harrington and moved to the quarterfinal round. As one of the final eight drivers, Peters was pitted against Navid Kahangi (H Street, Edge Motorworks Ford Fiesta ST). Peters downed Kahangi to advance to the semi-finals against Michael Heinitz (Street Touring FWD, Acura RSX Type-S). Peters emerged the victor, earning the opportunity to face Jeff Kiesel for the Super Challenge win. Kiesel (Race Tire Index 1, KFR Turbo Sprite) earned his way to the final after starting the bracket competition as the top overall seed. He took out Leonard Cachola (E Street, Mazda Miata) in the first round. In the second round, Kiesel took out Steve O’Blenes (B Street Prepared, Roccos Pizza/ End Mazda Miata), and moved on to face Jonathan Lugod (Street Touring Ultra, OS Giken/Bridgestone/LOT USA/ARE Chevrolet Corvette) in the quarters. After beating Lugod, Kiesel met Chris Cox (F Street, Mike Maier Inc. Ford Mustang) in the semi-finals. Keisel bested Cox, earning a spot in the Super Challenge bracket final opposite Peters. Once the dust settled, Peters proved to be quickest driver of the two. In the third-place runoff, Cox completed to podium after winning the matchup with Heinitz. “It was a great weekend continuing strong momentum coming off a successful San Diego National Tour,” Peters said. “Winning the Challenge was especially satisfying given three second-place Challenge finishes, in the past. “John Hogan’s Mustang was working well this weekend, which allowed me to pull up to the line each time with my focus solely on execution. Ending up with late round pairings against some of the drivers I respect the most, such as Michael Heinitz and Jeff Keisel, pushed me to dig unforgettably deep.” Monfort (Ladies Class 2, Ford Focus ST) started as the third seed in the Ladies Challenge bracket. In her opening-round matchup, she took out Mindi Cross (Ladies Class 3, Scion Racing/JDL Auto Design Scion FRS) to move to the semi-final round. There Monfort met, and downed, Kristen Acharya (CUSCO/FRSport/ Scion FRS). In the final, Monfort met Christine Grice (Ladies Class 1, Berry Family Racing/ChaseCam Mitsubishi Evo IX). En route to the final, Grice won matchups against Lisa Berry (Ladies Class 3, BMW 325 IS) and Teddie Alexandrova (Ladies Class 3, Roswell Driving Academy Nissan 350Z), respectively. Monfort wound up taking the bracket win over Grice, while Acharya completed the podium after beating Alexandrova in the third-place runoff. “It feels great - and oddly familiar - to take the Ladies Challenge win in the first event of the season,” Monfort said. “I took the win last year at the first Pro event in Washington, D.C. in another Focus. “I hope to get at least one more Pro event under my belt in L2 this year. I like campaigning the Focus because I'm least experienced in FWD cars, and because it's an affordable and practical current car that is also fun to race, which is good for our sport. As for a points championship, I'd love to go after it! It usually comes down to the finale for me, and I know I will have fantastic skilled women to compete with no matter what car I'm driving.” Dennis Trevino (Street Touring Xtreme, Hank Yamfang Honda Civic Si), of El Cajon, California, was the winner of the Bonus Challenge bracket. The next stop for the SCCA Tire Rack ProSolo series is scheduled for April 25-26, in Crows Landing, California. For additional information on the El Toro ProSolo event, including full results, visit More information on the SCCA Tire Rack National Solo Program can be found at Like SCCA on Facebook at and follow the Club on Twitter @SCCAOfficial

SCCA Announces Winners of the Wendi Allen Scholarship

March 25, 2015 - 8:00pm
TOPEKA, Kan. (March 26, 2015) – Elisabeth Flannagan, of Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Wildenberg, of Menasha, Wisconsin, were named as the two winners of the Wendi Allen Scholarship for the 2015 Solo season. The two drivers were nominated by the general membership, with the award presented by a committee of well-respected female SCCA autocrossers. In its second year awarded, the scholarship provides financial support to offset travel costs to National Solo events. In addition, the Club will waive entry fees to National events for these two drivers and work with the Solo community, and its commercial partners, to seek out other forms of support for the winners. This includes, but it not limited to, driver training, mentoring, product support and logistical assistance. The award is given to two female soloists who not only display a high level of driving talent, but also a deep involvement in the Solo Community. Flannagan, who works as a therapist for children in foster care, said she has been able to get some good behind-the-wheel experience near her home. Additionally, she will be using the scholarship funds to make sure she is at the Tire Rack National Championships, in Lincoln, Nebraska. “I haven’t been able to stop smiling since I was notified that I won,” Flannagan said. “It’s the biggest honor I have ever received in my life. To be recognized by these women is truly amazing. “The Philadelphia region is the best place to be an autocrosser. There are so many opportunities happening throughout the summer months. In fact, I knew that the ProSolo event at MetLife Stadium was going to fill up fast. So just after the event opened, I had to run out to my car in the middle of a ballet class just to make sure I got entered.” Wildenberg, a student in the occupational therapy program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, was equally happy to have the opportunity to compete in an expanded role with the help of the scholarship funds. “It feels amazing to be recognized like this,” Wildenberg said. “When I was first told about it, I honestly thought it many have been someone playing a joke on me. “By winning this scholarship, I can attend a lot more events this season than I would have been able to do otherwise. I have already made plans to go to Wilmington (Ohio) for the ProSolo event, in addition to the mid-season visit to Lincoln (Nebraska) for the Championship Tour and ProSolo events. This will also be my first time going to Nationals. To say the least, I am really excited.” The selection committee is made up of several influential female Solo National Champions. The committee includes Denise Cashmore, Tara Johns, Beth McClure-Strelnieks, Shelly Monfort and Patty Tunnell. “Both of these women are dedicated members to their local regions,” Johns, the chairperson for the selection committee, said. “They also show promise and dedication to becoming extraordinary competitors. We are hopeful that both ladies will benefit from the scholarship and use this opportunity to thrive in our sport. We look forward to seeing them both compete on a national level this year.” “We appreciate all of the nominations we received this year,” Howard Duncan, Senior Director of Rally/Solo, said. “It made the Selection Committee’s job challenging, but they chose two great recipients. We look forward to working with them during the 2015 Tire Rack National Solo season, and beyond.” The scholarship was developed as a wish of Wendi Allen, a Solo National Champion in her own right, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. In November of 2014, Allen lost her battle to the disease, while the scholarship in her name endures as a legacy of promoting female achievement in the male-dominated arena of motorsports. For additional information on the SCCA Tire Rack National Solo Program, please visit Be sure to like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Oseth Named SCCA Pro Racing Vice President/General Manager

March 24, 2015 - 8:00pm
TOPEKA, Kan. (March 25, 2015) – Steve Oseth was named Vice President and General Manager of SCCA Pro Racing today, assigned with overseeing the day to day operations of the for-profit subsidiary of the Sports Car Club of America. Oseth will manage the staff and Pro Racing activities from the Topeka office, including the sanctioning of the Pirelli World Challenge, Trans Am Championship and Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup Presented by BFGoodrich Tires. Oseth comes to SCCA Pro Racing from AWRS International, in Nashville, Tennessee, where he owned the Nashville-area franchise of the automotive wheel sales and repair company. Prior to that, Oseth was the Founding President of Castle Concrete Corp., managing a company of more than 80 employees. He is a three-time SCCA Club Racing National Champion, winning the Runoffs® three times – in 2003, 2006 and 2007, all in the Formula Vee class. Oseth is currently one of the Series Tech Coordinators for the SCCA Pro Racing-sanctioned F2000 and F1600 Championship Series. “We’re looking forward to having Steve’s experience and knowledge, both of motorsports and the business world, in house at SCCA Pro Racing,” Robert Clarke, SCCA Pro Racing President, said. “Steve will manage both our in-house and event staff, and work closely with each of the series that we currently sanction to give them all the support that we can provide.” Oseth will begin in the new role immediately, and will soon relocate to Topeka from his Nashville-area home. “I am excited about this appointment and the challenges it presents,” Oseth said. “I have been a member of SCCA for 36 years and now having the opportunity to work with the people and organization that has been such an important part of my life is really extraordinary.” SCCA Pro Racing Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, Inc. - a 65,000-member organization dedicated to motorsports events. SCCA Pro Racing provides full-service organization, operation and sanction for numerous professional racing series, documented within this web site. Each series holds events on high-profile race weekends and annually crowns Champions. Known for its operational expertise, SCCA Pro Racing has been the choice of privately-owned racing series, as well as those promoted by automobile manufacturers, to conduct all facets of their Championships. SCCA held its first professional racing event on February 3, 1963 - a United States Road Racing Championship (USRRC) race won by Jim Hall at Daytona International Raceway. Throughout the years, SCCA Pro Racing has been at the forefront of the professional racing landscape in the United States with such landmark series as Trans-Am, Can-Am, Formula 5000 and World Challenge. SCCA Pro Racing formally became a subsidiary of SCCA in 1993, and is a voting member of the Automobile Competition Committee of the United States (ACCUS) - the FIA delegate for this country.

SCCA Tire Rack Solo Championship Concludes SoCal Swing

March 23, 2015 - 8:00pm
SAN DIEGO, Calif. (March 24, 2015) – The SCCA Tire Rack Championship Tour event, from San Diego, wrapped up following two days of competition, March 21-22. The event was held in the parking lots surrounding Qualcomm Stadium, the home the National Football League’s San Diego Chargers. The San Diego Region SCCA played the role of host for the event as region member Peter Bollenbecker was the course designer for both days of competition. Festivities were started off with a welcome party hosted by the region, on Friday night, open to workers and competitors. The on-course action featured several close races toward the top of the standings in several classes. The closest of these finishes occurred in Street Touring Sport. Matt Ales (Thanks Pete! Mazda Miata), of Redondo Beach, California, was the winner by 0.064-second, but the intriguing story in this class was that of second-place finisher, Stephen Yeoh. The car of Yeoh, considered a contender for the class win early on, suffered some major mechanical damage requiring an engine change after completing only one run during Saturday’s competition. By Sunday morning, Yeoh had a new engine in his Honda Civic thanks to the help of fellow competitors. Yeoh logged the quickest time of Sunday’s runs, but it proved just shy of the time needed to unseat Ales for the class win. In Formula Junior A, Kevin Jung (Ciro Racing/7th Gear Tony Kart), of Laguna Niguel, California, scored a class win by another exceedingly narrow margin. The gap back to second-place driver Zak Kiesel was only 0.098-second. On Saturday, Jung owned the top time in the class. However, Kiesel made Jung work for the win on Sunday by setting the quickest time on his last run. The lap logged by Kiesel on Sunday was quicker than that of Jung, but Jung had built enough of a margin after Saturday’s runs to allow him to take the win. Street Touring R also managed to produce some fireworks as Sebastian Rios (ProParts USA/Gearheads Garage Mazda MX-5) took the victory over Nick Bjoin by 0.104-second. After the opening day of competition, Rios held the class lead. He then was able to hold the lead utilizing his cushion from Saturday, as Bjoin was the owner of Sunday’s fast time in class. Ricardo Quinonez (C Street, Scion FRS), of Fresno, California, was the top driver in class. Finishing second after Saturday’s competition, Quinonez set the quickest time on Sunday allowing him to vault ahead of Adrian Cardenas. Jayson Woodruff (D Street, JayCorn Services Subaru Impreza WRX), of Huntington Beach, California, was the day-one leader, in class. On Sunday, he was unable to set the quickest lap on Sunday, but had built enough of a gap over the rest of the field to retain the winning position by 0.271-second. Jeff Stuart (Berry Family Racing Nissan 350Z), of Santa Barbara, California, got the winning nod in Street Touring Ultra, just 0.352-second over Jonathan Lugod. Heading into Sunday’s competition, Lugod held the top spot. However, Stuart came roaring back by capturing the fast time on Sunday’s course that allowed him to seal the win. Further information on the San Diego Championship Tour, including full results, can be found at The next stop for the SCCA Tire Rack Championship Tour will be April 11-12, at the Texas A&M University Annex in College Station, Texas. Like SCCA on Facebook at and follow the Club on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

SCCA Tire Rack Solo Dixie Championship Tour Serves as Season-opening Autocross

March 16, 2015 - 8:00pm
ADEL, Ga. (March 17, 2015) – The SCCA® Tire Rack National Solo® Championship Tour opened the 2015 season at South Georgia Motorsports Park, this past weekend. This is the first of nine scheduled Championship Tour events, utilizing the standard class-based competition, scheduled in the lead-up to the Tire Rack Solo Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Dixie Region played host for this event, providing a barbeque dinner for Friday’s welcome party. Robert Lewis held dual roles during the weekend, serving as event chair and course designer. Lewis designed a pair of courses that featured a good, challenging blend of many elements, which earned the praise of many drivers. Once competition began, Sam Strano (Super Street R, Chevrolet Corvette), of Brookville, Pennsylvania, scored a decisive 2.555-second win over Brandon Davis ( Chevrolet Corvette). Aside from a class win, Strano also finished the weekend with the fastest indexed time of the event. Tim White (E Prepared, Honda Civic), of Tucker, Georgia, took home a class win with the smallest margin of victory of the meet. Following day one of competition, Smith was the class leader by about 0.5-second. During Sunday’s competition, Darrin DiSimo (Pronto Timing System Honda CRX) put down the quickest time in the class but White had built enough of a gap to hold onto the top spot. In A Street, John Owens (Chevrolet Corvette), of Frankfort, Kentucky, relied on consistency to score his class win. On both courses, Owen’s best times were within 0.05-second of each other. Once the dust settled, Owens finished 0.153-second ahead of second-place finisher Jed Peterson (Honda S2000CR). Nick Amick (C Street, Walkers Trailer Sales/TranService Subaru BRZ), of Smyrna, Tennessee, completed the come-from-behind win. Sitting second after day one, Amick was able to best Jason Stroud by standing on his first run from Sunday’s competition. In the end, Amick held the lead with a 0.214-second gap. The season-opening event also produced some first-time National Tour winners. Among them were Tevin Richardson (F Street, BMW 135i), of Canton, Georgia, and Randall Prince (Street Touring Xtreme, Subaru BRZ), of Auburn, Georgia. Both Richardson and Prince drove to victory behind the wheel of cars in which they previously had little time. Also scoring his first Tour win was Geoff Zimmer (F Street Prepared, Duckworks Volkswagen Rabbit), of Gastonia, North Carolina. Driving the same car, Maria Mayorga (F Street Prepared Ladies, Volkswagen Rabbit) also took home her first National Tour class win. En route to her victory, Mayorga also set the top indexed time for all ladies classes in the competition. The next stop for the SCCA Tire Rack Championship Tour will be across the country, in San Diego, California, slated for March 21-22. The two-day event will take place in the parking lots of Qualcomm Stadium, the home of the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. Further information on the Tire Rack SCCA Dixie National Championship Tour event, including full results, can be found here. For more on the SCCA Tire Rack National Solo Program, visit Be sure to like SCCA on Facebook at and follow the Club on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

SCCA Tire Rack ProSolo at Blytheville Rescheduled For May 1-3

March 5, 2015 - 8:00pm
TOPEKA, Kan. (March 6, 2015) – The SCCA® Tire Rack ProSolo® season opener in Blytheville, Arkansas, has been rescheduled for May 1-3 following its postponement for inclement weather. The date is the best available at the Arkansas Aeroplex, the host site of the event. While it does fall the same weekend as the Tire Rack Match Tour at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, recent investments in equipment and the expansion of the National Solo field staff allow operations of two events on the same weekend at the same high standards. “We’ve been fortunate enough to work with the airport president to reschedule the Blytheville ProSolo event after nine inches of snow on top of three inches of ice caused our March cancellation,” Howard Duncan, Senior Director of Solo and RallyCross, said. “Setting up the event would have been impossible, but more importantly it would have put our fellow members in harm’s way trying to get there. “However, the rescheduled event is not perfect, falling on the same weekend as the season opener for the Match Tour program in Bowling Green,” Duncan continued. “This will cause some angst for some folks, specifically those in Tennessee and Georgia, but Blytheville has traditionally been supported by those in Texas and the Midwest Division, while Great Lakes Division autocrossers will be the base of the Match Tour events. We’re sorry for anyone now forced to choose between the two, but we’re glad to keep the ProSolo schedule intact.” The SCCA ProSolo is comprised of 11 events across the country featuring mirror-image courses with drag race-type starting lights. Each event has a class-based component that ranks competitors based on their best time around each course within a particular class. Points are allocated to top finishers in that portion of the competition. Those class results are also used to determine seeding for the Challenge rounds, where drivers go head-to-head in drag race fashion with start lights that are staggered based on class performance. The Match Tour format has been revised for 2015 with more class runs and simplified qualifying for Sunday Shootouts. The goal is to provide drivers a stepping stone to move from Regional to National competition. The traditional class-based competition makes up the first part of the weekend’s activities, with competitors getting nine runs at the course, with head to head match-ups on Sunday afternoon for those who qualify. The Tire Rack Solo season gets underway with the Dixie Championship Tour at South Georgia Motorsports Park, March 13-15, under the traditional autocross format. This weekend marks the first event in the Speedway Motors CAM Challenge, at Crows Landing, California, run under the Match Tour format for Classic American Muscle cars. More information on all of the Tire Rack SCCA Solo programs, including detailed rules on the Match Tour format, are available at  

SCCA Inks Partnership with Garmin, Names VIRB Official Camera, Presenting Sponsor

March 3, 2015 - 8:00pm
TOPEKA, Kan. (March 4, 2015) – Sports Car Club of America has announced a new two-year partnership with Garmin naming the VIRB the “Official Camera of SCCA.” The Garmin VIRB will feature prominently at all levels of SCCA membership, presenting two Championship events as well as introducing new participants to the sport. Garmin VIRB Elite is the ideal action camera for motorsport enthusiasts. In addition to recording 1080p HD video, VIRB Elite also has a built-in GPS sensor to gather metrics like speed, distance, heart rate and G-force. This data can then be embedded into the video using VIRB Edit, making user videos even more exciting. Featuring an easy-to-use slider switch and a 1.4” Chroma display, VIRB Elite can record up to three hours of video on a single charge, and can be remotely controlled by other Garmin products or with the VIRB smartphone app. In addition to being named Official Camera, the Garmin VIRB becomes the presenting sponsor for the Tire Rack® SCCA Solo® Nationals and SCCA National Championship Runoffs®. The brand will also be named the “Official Camera of the Tire Rack Solo Starting Line” school, bringing new participants to motorsports and the VIRB all at once. Every Tire Rack Solo Starting Line student will have video and GPS data captured by a Garmin VIRB. At the end of the school, each student will receive their runs and data on a removable microSD card. “We’re proud to welcome Garmin to the SCCA, and look forward to helping to introduce the Garmin VIRB, not only to the membership, but to the motorsports community,” Eric Prill, SCCA COO, said. “We’ve learned the capabilities of the VIRB, and its ease of use and features are great for any of our competition disciplines, from Club Racing, to Solo to Rally.” The Garmin VIRB will have a strong presence onsite at both the SCCA National Championship Runoffs presented by the Garmin VIRB and the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships presented by the Garmin VIRB, providing event enhancements not previously available. More details will be forthcoming. “The SCCA has a big influence on the motorsports community,” Jon Cassat, Garmin’s vice president of communications, said. “We’re thrilled to partner with the organization as the official camera sponsor, and integrate VIRB into events nationwide.” VIRB cameras will be used to record video in each of the competition programs for use in promotional materials. Find additional product informaton on the VIRB by clicking here. The Garmin VIRB will join the circle of SCCA Official Partners, which includes Hawk Performance, Mazda, Mobil 1, SafeRacer, Sunoco and Tire Rack. About Garmin For more than 25 years, Garmin has pioneered new GPS navigation and wireless devices and applications that are designed for people who live an active lifestyle. Garmin serves five primary business units, including automotive, aviation, fitness, marine, and outdoor recreation. For more information, visit Garmin's virtual pressroom at, contact the Media Relations department at 913-397-8200, or follow us at,, or

2015 Blytheville ProSolo: Postponed

February 28, 2015 - 8:00pm
Edit March 6 - see the information on the rescheduled event, May 1-3, here! BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (March 4, 2015) - It is with much regret that we must inform all of you that the Blytheville ProSolo schedule for this weekend (March 6-8) is being cancelled due to weather. At the beginning of this week all forecasts looked to be on the up-and-up satisfactory weather to have competition. However, as this week has continued the forecast has taken a turn for the worse. We just received a call that the city has put a curfew on the amount of driving folks can do. Safety is our utmost concern and with such drastic measures being taken by the city, we are left with no choice but to cancel the event. We will do our best to figure out a date to reschedule the event. If we are unable to reschedule, we will make every effort to get drivers who have purchased Blytheville with the ProSolo bundle into another event or refund a portion of the bundle. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions please feel free to email

Contingency Awards Outlined for Tire Rack National Solo Program

February 22, 2015 - 8:00pm
TOPEKA, Kan. (Feb. 23, 2015) – Top finishers at each Tire Rack® SCCA National Solo event will have the opportunity to collect contingency from several manufacturers and racing-related companies. In many cases, podium finishes in Tire Rack Match Tour and Championship Tour class-based competition will be eligible for contingency rewards. In ProSolo prizes may be awarded in four different ways, including class and challenge competitions at each event, and year-end points in class or challenge. Mazda, the Official Car of SCCA, will offer a $300 award for a win in the class competition of each of the three types of events. Second place will be eligible for a $175 bonus. In the ProSolo series, eligible winners in the Super, Ladies and Bonus Challenges will be awarded $400 with second place earning $250. Prizes are also up for grabs based on ProSolo year-end points with the top three in class competition eligible to take home $1,000, $600 and $300, respectively. Year-end point leaders in the challenge events will have $600, $400 and $200 paydays available for the top three drivers, respectively. MINI USA and Subaru of America will be supporting all three National Solo programs. MINI USA has made $250, $100 and $50 prizes available to eligible drivers for a podium position in class-based competition. Eligible drivers can claim $1,000 from MINI USA for a ProSolo year-end championship in class. Subaru will also incentivize their customers to run with cash payouts for the three programs. At Match and Championship Tour events, eligible drivers can earn $250 for a win and $150 for a second-place finish in class competition. For the ProSolo program, a podium finish in the class portion of the event will be worth $250, $125 and $50, respectively. Top-three finishers in ProSolo Class and Challenge standings will be able to cash in with $1,000, $750 and $500 prizes, respectively. Honda Performance Development (HPD), Scion Racing and Toyota/TRD will offer awards to competitors in ProSolo. HPD will offer eligible drivers a $100 pay day for winning the class competition while second and third place will get a $50 and $25 payout, respectively. An eligible year-end points Champion will also be able to claim $200. Scion will award prizes of $200 and $100 to the top two positions in class competition, in that order, for drivers of the FR-S. Class Winners in other Scion models will be able to claim $200. Year-end Champions in class and challenge standings will be eligible for $1,000. Toyota/TRD will offer a $200 award to eligible drivers for a win in ProSolo class completion at each event, while eligible season-ending Champions in Class and Challenge standings will be able to claim $1,000. Tire manufacturers are another big part of the contingency picture. BFGoodrich Tires will support all three National Solo programs. Eligible Championship and Match Tour class winners will be able to get their hands on two free tires with a win, and will earn one free tire for a second-place finish. On the ProSolo side, eligible winners in class competition will also earn two tires with second place earning one. Super and Ladies Challenge winners will be eligible for the same prize. Eligible year-end Champions in class points will be able to claim four tires while second place can get two tires. The season-long Champion in Super and Ladies Challenge points can claim four tires. Falken Tire will support select classes in all three divisions. In all cases they will offer cash prizes of $300, $200 and $100 to podium finishers, in that order, in class-based competition. GT Radial and Hoosier Racing Tire have also pledged their support for all three programs with identical payout schedules. Each company will provide two tires to eligible class winners in all three divisions, with second place good for one free tire. For ProSolo events, both companies will also offer two tires to all challenge winners, with second place getting one. All prizes will be doubled at the ProSolo Finale. Eligible season-long class and Super Challenge Champions can claim four tires. Kumho Tires is also participating with their own contingency program supporting all three National series. Eligible drivers can claim a $300, $200 or $150 product credit for a podium finish, in class. That amount is doubled for any Street or Street Touring category. Both a Match Tour Shootout and ProSolo Challenge top-three finishers will earn the same payout made available during class competition. In addition, a ProSolo class or Challenge season-long Champion can get their hands on four free tires. Bridgestone has put their name in the hat to support the Match and Championship Tour events. Eligible drivers can earn $200 for a class win, while the remaining two podium positions can earn $150 and $100. Hawk Performance, the Official Brake Products of SCCA, will offer product certificates to eligible, in-class podium finishers at Championship and Match Tour meets. The schedule breaks down to the winner earning a $100 certificate, second eligible for a $50 certificate with third able to claim a $25 certificate. FR Sport will be offering $150 product certificates to eligible winners in all three types of events. Bride Racing Seat has also jumped onboard to offer $100 product certificates to eligible ProSolo class winners, with second able to earn a $50 product certificate. OSGiken will also support ProSolo by offering a $200 product certificate to eligible class winners, while second- and third-place finishers can claim $100 and $50 product certificates. Each contingency opportunity requires pre-registration. Details and instructions to register for each of these programs are available here. The Tire Rack National Solo Program kicks off its 2015 season with the Blytheville ProSolo and Crows Landing CAM Challenge, both scheduled for March 7-8. Additional information on the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Program can be found at Like the Club on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

SCCA Convention Ends on a High Note with the Awards and Hall of Fame Ceremony

February 21, 2015 - 8:00pm
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Feb. 21, 2015) – The Sports Car Club of America Awards and Hall of Fame Induction Presented by Mazda closed out the 2015 SCCA National Convention and MSX Expo held at the Charlotte Convention Center Feb. 20-21. The banquet saw the presentation of four of the Club’s highest awards, in addition to the induction of the 2015 Hall of Fame class. To start off the awards, the Member of Excellence was given to JD King. King was selected by the Board of Directors for his extensive contributions to the Club. He is most known in the Solo community, but he has plenty of experience in wheel-to-wheel racing. In 1997, King was involved in an industrial accident that caused him the loss of his left arm. However, that did not deter King from following his passion for the Club and is even an active competitor and Club Racing administrator to this day. Andrew Pallotta took home the Solo Driver of the Year award following a performance in which he captured the National Solo Championship in Super Touring Xtreme, beating a field of over 60 drivers by more than 0.5-second. Pallotta was selected by the members of the Solo Events Board for his noteworthy performance at the Championship meet. “I am so surprised by this that I don’t know what to say,” Pallotta said. “Nick [Barbato] and Darren [Seltzer] are amazing drivers, in their own right. I can’t believe that I was chosen for this award over them. I have to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. There are too many to name, but without you this wouldn’t have been possible.” Next up on the docket was the President’s Cup, which was given to Andrew Longe. Longe was announced as the award winner by three-time President’s Cup winner and motorsports legend Roger Penske in a video recorded message. This award is presented to the driver who showed the most ability, competitiveness and success at the National Championship Runoffs as selected by the Stewards of the Meet and the Chief Steward of the event. Longe’s 20-lap battle with Kyle Kelley for the Touring 2 title more than qualified as the finish was decided by just 0.047-second, the second-closest Runoffs finish of the transponder era. The final award of the night was the Woolf Barnato award, presented by last year’s winner Bob Dowie. Current SCCA VP of Solo/Rally Howard Duncan was revealed as the winner, as selected by the previous three winners for his outstanding long-term contribution to the Club. A pleasantly surprised Duncan accepted the award. “I can’t believe I am up here receiving this award,” Duncan said. “I figured I was going to be able to take it easy tonight since I knew I didn’t have to worry about speaking. I was just planning on standing up here to direct traffic. However, this is a huge honor and I thank everyone here for this opportunity.” To finish the evening’s festivities was the induction of the newest class to the SCCA Hall of Fame. Each new member was nominated by the general membership and hand-picked by the selection committee based on both on- and off-track contributions to the Club. Included in the class were Dr. George Snively, Ron Sharp, Bob Tullius, Roger Johnson and Oscar Koveleski. Accepting on behalf of Snively was Dr. Dan Thomas, the President of the Snell Memorial Foundation. Snively’s research into head trauma was sparked by the death of William “Pete” Snell at an auto race in 1956. It was determined that Snell died because of inadequate head protection. Snively decided to further research the problem and presented his findings to the San Francisco Region SCCA. As his research gathered momentum, it eventually led to the founding of what we now know as the Snell Foundation. The organization is responsible for certifying helmets for many applications and pushes to increase the effectiveness of those safety devices. Ron Sharp was the next inductee. He made a name for himself more as an event organizer, but also spent plenty of time at the controls of a racecar. Among his accomplishments were the successful move of the Runoffs from Road Atlanta to Mid-Ohio and the successful production of the Des Moines Grand Prix. “When the Des Moines Valley Region found out, in 1988, that Trans Am was planning on having a street race, our region looked at is as a real opportunity,” Sharp said. “Not many regions get the opportunity to participate in something like this. As a show of support, our membership exploded from about 130 to over 400. We were able to work with many of the chiefs from the Central and Mid-West Divisions to make the event a success. We all knew that street races have their own personality, and set of problems, but with hard work from the team we were able to make the event happen.” Bob Tullius etched his name into SCCA history with many successful years behind the wheel of various cars. His Group 44 race team became one of the most fearsome organizations in SCCA Club Racing, at a time when there were not many full-fledged amateur race teams. Tullius also proved to have success in the professional ranks scoring numerous Trans Am and other professional wins. “I thought sitting on the grid for at the Runoffs was nerve-wracking, but not to worry this is much worse,” Tullius said. “My friends and supporters, many of whom are here tonight, are extremely important to not only my racing success, but my life in general. The life of a racer is a mixture of high highs and very low lows. Without good support, it makes dealing with those cycles very difficult.” Roger Johnson was the penultimate inductee during the evening. Johnson made his mark in the Solo community, most prominently as a course designer. While that is part of his legacy, Johnson also produced the materials by which new course designers learn the craft. Aside from that, Johnson has also introduced an international flair to the SCCA Solo program. For the past two seasons, in connection with former F1 and IndyCar driver Eliseo Salazar, Johnson has brought a contingent of Chilean drivers to Lincoln, Nebraska, to compete at the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships. Closing out the ceremony was the formal induction of Oscar Koveleski to the SCCA Hall of Fame. Koveleski joined the club in 1950, scoring his first win a year later. He went on to race in the Can-Am series and also took part in the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring. He also has an A Sports Racing National Championship title to his credit. Additional information on the SCCA Hall of Fame, including past year’s inductees, can be found here. Also, information on the Club’s various awards, including past winners, can be found here. Like the Club on Facebook at and follow the Club on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.

Day Two of SCCA National Convention Filled with Program-specific 2020 Sessions

February 20, 2015 - 8:00pm
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Feb. 21, 2015) – In staying with the SCCA Convention’s forward-looking theme, Saturday’s docket comprised of a series of panel discussions focused on specific areas of competition. Sessions were held for the Solo, Club Racing, Time Trials and RallyCross communities at the Charlotte Convention Center, on Saturday. The subject of SCCA Solo competition was the first item on the list. VP of Rally/Solo and Special Programs Howard Duncan started the discussion with an overview of where the program has been a in the past and the overhead view of the future direction. Eric Prill, SCCA COO, moderated the deliberation that included Duncan, Steve Hudson (Past Solo Events Board Chair), Brian Connors (Current SEB Chair), Raleigh and Velma Boreen (Regional Solo Development). Panelists tackled many subjects including participation, attempting to keep rules current with technological advancements in the auto industry and event format. Digital technological advancements, in regards to membership interaction, were also part of the discussion. “Test-n-Tune events seem to be on the rise, especially at the regional level,” Raleigh said. “With these types of low-key events, the focus is more on fun rather than competition. There isn’t the pressure knowing all I have is four runs to get it right. That allows for a more social aspect among the participants.” The Club Racing program was the next to take center stage. Like Duncan, Prill broke down the past and future direction of the program. When the discussion portion opened, Greg Creamer posed questions to the panelists, which included Prill, Deanna Flanagan (Senior Manager, Club Racing), Jim Wheeler (Club Racing Board Chair) and David Arken (CRB member). Many of the topics were future-focused with as it pertains to rules, future events – such as the yearly movement of the National Championship Runoffs – and the social aspect surrounding each race event. A renewed focus on camaraderie at Club Racing events was the hot-button topic. “As evidenced by the Runoffs at Mazda Raceway, the social aspect of our events has fallen flat over the past 10 to 20 years,” Flanagan said. “We do the on-track stuff very well, but engaging an increasing number of people is important. The Runoffs held at Road Atlanta and Mid-Ohio were before my time, but I’ve heard the stories that many of you have lived. The overall goal is to increase the fun factor.” Technology was another issue touched on by each of the four panelists. Flanagan highlighted the importance of the technological integration in the participant-facing applications, with enhanced registration on the forefront. Prill also teased a more interactive aspect of the Club’s website, which will be rolled out later in the year, in addition to a new potential corporate partnership with a major consumer electronics company. Wheeler and Arken addressed issues pertaining to technology as it relates to technical rules and regulations. The topic centered mostly on the collection of data and its usage in governing performance characteristics within each class of racing. The Time Trials session was led by Heyward Wagner with a panel that included SCCA Board of Director members Brian McCarthy and Tere Pulliam. Discussion centered on bringing more participants into the Club. The session participants agreed that getting potential participants the opportunity to sample what SCCA has to offer is the best way to convert those prospects into full members. The RallyCross 2020 session was the final of the program breakout sessions. Steve Hyatt, the RallyCross chairman, led the final 2020 session of the event. Hyatt reported on the RallyCross program in from 2014. The discussion soon shifted to spit balling ideas to get more participation in the program. The idea of creating women’s class, in addition to brainstorming ways to get the message regarding the program in front of the general public, were two examples of what was discussed to help grow the program. The day’s festivities will come to a close with the 2015 Awards and Hall of Fame Induction ceremony Presented by Mazda, scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Charlotte Center City. Additional information on the Convention and MSX Expo, including schedules, session descriptions and registration information, can be found at

Panel Discussion on SCCA Future Caps Opening Day of Club Convention

February 19, 2015 - 8:00pm
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Feb. 20, 2015) – The SCCA 2020 panel discussion featuring SCCA Club and partner executives deliberating the future of the motorsports industry and the Club’s role within it capped off the first day of the 2015 Sports Car Club of America National Convention and MSX Expo on Friday, held at the Charlotte Convention Center Feb. 20-21. Lisa Noble (CEO/President), Eric Prill (COO), Robert Clarke (SCCA Pro Racing President and SCCA VP of Business Development) and Tire Rack Vice President Matt Edmonds held a conversation to tackle some of those issues. Moderated by long-time Club member and professional motorsports broadcaster Greg Creamer, the talk took on many of the toughest questions facing those in the motorsports industry. Much of the early discussion was centered on how to get younger generations involved in motorsports. To that end, Noble made her opening comments with an eye on getting the general public interested in their vehicles once again. She made the point that the Club was not created solely for the sake of competition, but to promote a community of auto enthusiasts. “Our broader goal should be to attract those who do not yet know they are interested in cars,” Noble said. “The number of car owners out there is huge, but many of those people would not consider themselves car people. Often times they do not realize it, but there is an emotional connection forged with their vehicle. The key should be to emphasize that connection.” Creamer’s initial question was on the overall health and interest in motorsports in today’s world. This served as the stepping-off point for the discussion. “What we have is a basic erosion of interest in motorsports, and sporting events in general,” Clarke said. “What we have to do is understand how to engage the younger generations in what we are about, which is cars. There are so many different things for our younger generations with which they get involved. It’s hard to compete amongst all the background noise.” Clarke went on to explain that neither the vehicles nor the format featured in motorsports competition catch the eyes of younger generations. The challenge not only lies in finding exactly what attracts those younger viewers, but then understanding how to engage those points. As the conversation continued, the focused narrowed on SCCA’s role in this over-arching process. Each panelist agreed that SCCA is in a prime position to lead the effort to push motorsports, and the automobile, back into the public’s general consciousness. “The Club is at an interesting point in time,” Prill said. “There are many of us that have been members for years, but there are also many other folks out there who would like to get involved in a more personal way. Our goal should be to bring down those barriers to make our organization more accessible.” One of the remaining challenges discussed was how to make non-members aware of what SCCA has to offer, even if not strapped into a racecar. The recognition and gratitude surrounding the sheer number of volunteer hours needed to put on a successful event was one echoed all four panelists. “I want to look at the participation in our Club from a personal aspect,” Edmonds said. “As a major part of the Tire Rack Street Survival program, we have people in our organization interested in getting more involved all the time. We need to get as many people out to an event as we can. It’s not just about competing. There are some many different aspects in which to get people involved.” The conversation ended with a soft reveal of the Track Night in America driven by Tire concept, promising a formal announcement in the coming days. Heyward Wagner, Director of SCCA Experiential Programs, introduced the program that promises evening lapping sessions at a reasonable price, at tracks across the country. Further details outlining the program will be made available in the coming days. Day Two of the SCCA Convention is slated to begin Saturday, at 8:30 a.m., with the MSX Expo floor set to re-open at 10:00 a.m. The entire event will conclude with the SCCA Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet Presented by Mazda, scheduled for Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Additional information on the Convention and MSX Expo, including schedules, session descriptions and registration information, can be found at

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