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Register for Spring Training; updated agenda

If you haven't already registered, get on the Spring Training attendee list today! And the agenda for the day, Saturday, March 2, is now updated with the Solo Track details (attached).

Registration is open on MSR -- look for "GLD Spring Training 2019." IF YOUR REGION pays your entry, check with your RE or Treasurer because those regions are using paper registration forms (attached) so the region can write one check for payment. For example, Detroit Region asks that you send/e-mail the form to Val and she'll coordinate with the Treasurer. OVR is creating one master list they'll send to Val. Talk with your region reps today!

GLD Spring Training March 2, 2019 Schedule UPDATEb.pdf10.75 KB
2019GreatLakesSprgTrain Registration Mar 2, 2019.doc666.5 KB

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