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Spring Training Success, Presentations!

The March 7 Spring Training meeting was a rousing success!! A record-setting 134 people from around GLD joined the meetings all day Saturday, and more than 50 people feasted on food and friendship at the Friday evening social!

Thanks to every presenter who shared their expertise, knowledge, and insights. Some of these presentations are already available to share -- click on the PDF links below.

Plus, we're looking forward to next year, so mark your calendar for the weekend of March 6. Plans include more sessions, more speakers, and more of your ideas for what is now a true Mini-Convention!

It All Starts with Respect (Chris Robbins, SCCA).pdf718.25 KB
It All Starts with Respect Speakers Notes.pdf144.68 KB
Resolving Conflict (Chris Robbins, SCCA).pdf791.04 KB
Resolving Conflict Speakers Notes (Chris Robbins, SCCA).pdf121.29 KB
RoadRallySafetySteward Training rev3 Short Version (Mike Bennett DA).pdf958.59 KB
2020 GLD Captains Seminar F&C (Ed Arthur DA).pdf855.57 KB
2020 GLD Survey Results F&C (Ed Arthur DA).pdf478.78 KB
2020 GLDIV Solo.pdf299.95 KB
GLD Solo Course Design (Alex Jones).pdf857.93 KB
Site Acquisition (Jeff Jacobs, Raleigh Boreen).pdf1.64 MB
2020 GLDiv Waivers (Velma Boreen).pdf1.02 MB
Event Partnership AACS Presentation.pdf1.66 MB

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