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2017 Great Lakes Division Points Standings - Through Mid Ohio July Races

The final points/eligibility standings for Run Off qualification for 2017, thru the Grattan Majors in August, are attached below, as is the list I have provided to National. If you think I have made an error, please let me know and I will revisit your situation.

The standings for the Divisional Championship Series will follow soon. Remember only one of the Majors events (for National classes) can be counted for points/participation. The Mid Ohio race on October 14-15 counts in the 2017 series. Registration is open now. Several classes are very tight. Come defend your position (or try to overtake drivers ahead of you).

As always, do not hesitate to contact me. Email ( is best so I can look at the standings and be better prepared to guide you, but you may call as well. (513-658-4677).


Director's Report - November 2014

Our Area 4 Director has submitted a report to the members on the following dates:

12/18/2014: Another report from our Director has been posted.

2016 GLDiv Officials

The attached document has contact information for various divisional officials in Club Racing, Road Rally, Rally Cross, Solo and Time Trials.

2015 GLDiv Club Racing schedule

12/18/2015: The first GLDiv Club Racing schedule has been posted.

2013 Hoosier Tire Regional Contingency Program

In addition to the strong contingency program that Hoosier Race Tires offers to the National Club Racers, Hoosier Tire Midwest, the distributor for Hoosier tires throughout the Great Lakes, Central an

2013 GLDiv Solo information

Officials: link
Contacts: link

Club Racing License Waiver Instuctions

02/13/2015: There is a new Divisional Licensing Steward - Maurice LaFond. Contact him ( if you have any questions about obtaining a license waiver for the 2015 season.

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